Baudhuin Preschool

The Mailman Segal Center’s Baudhuin Preschool, located on the main campus of Nova Southeastern University, is an internationally recognized, model program for children with autism spectrum disorder. The program is offered in partnership with the School Board of Broward County. Collaborative opportunities with other NSU departments in academics, research, and clinical work enrich the educational experience.

The NAEYC accredited Baudhuin Preschool program is built on the belief that each child is unique in ability, talent and learning style. Designed for children three years of age through prekindergarten, this therapeutic program focuses on cognitive, social-emotional, adaptive, behavioral, motor, and communication skill development within a relationship-based environment. We provide each child with choices, challenges, and opportunities that nurture feelings of competence, promote intellectual growth, and enable each child to achieve his or her potential.


The Baudhuin Preschool utilizes a rich variety of activities and experiences, within a language-based environment, to encourage children to become competent in all areas of development. An individual education plan (IEP) is carefully framed for each child after evaluating each individual’s strengths and challenges.

Our relationship-based program utilizes the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We employ and teach various communication methods including Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), visual cueing strategies, and augmentative communication modalities. Classrooms incorporate social skills training, and TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autism and Related Communication Handicapped Children) methodologies (i.e., independent work systems).

Speech/language, behavioral, and occupational services are integrated into each child’s classroom experience.

Faculty & Staff

Our classroom teachers have met Florida teacher certification in preschool/primary education and are assisted in the classroom by at least two paraprofessionals. Professional development and on-going training ensure best practices, and provide staff with current methodologies.

Onsite School Nurse - A licensed nurse manages the school’s clinic, providing first aid to students and dispensing physician-prescribed medications. The nurse provides health-related information and training to both parents and school staff members.

Family Involvement

We recognize parents as our most valuable resource in the early education of children. Parental input, involvement, and participation in our program are welcomed and encouraged. Educational programs are offered on a variety of topics by both Mailman Segal Center faculty and staff members and outside experts.

The Bauhuin PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is a strong parent-organized and parent-led group. The PTO works closely with our staff to plan Baudhuin-related special events.

Therapeutic and Support Services

Mailman Segal Center offers behavioral therapy, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, and support services for children and families.

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Programming at the Baudhuin Preschool follows the calendar for Broward County Schools. Extended School Year (ESY) services are also offered during the summer months for those children who qualify.

For more information on enrolling your child, please call Child Find at (754) 321-2204.

To schedule a tour of our facilities, please contact Tammy Gipps at (954) 262-7149.